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The ‘Matter’ of Y(our) Soul: Part A.  Insights From the ‘New Physics’.

                             “A soul belongs to God
                                  ‘The Gospel as Revealed to Me’. Maria Valtorta

An essay cum ‘paper’…

                       By R. A. Butterworth M.A. (psych) Syd. Univ.ii



Underlying Hypothesis

That life, in scientific terms, is a battle for the ultimate ascension(+) – as contrasted with the dissolution (-), of the matter of for y(our) soul – the particle, making for this light in which we are currently basking – ‘C(2)’, in the equation E = + or – MC(2).  



Raised ‘Catholic’ – essentially by, and through, my Lebanese, Maronite Mother, it was with some gusto that I enrolled in ‘Psychology 101’ at the UNSW, ‘all those moons ago…’

My enthusiasm stemmed from the expectation that I would be learning what science has to teach us about the ‘psyche‘, and therefore, presumably, about one’s soul. Needless to write, I received no enlightenment on either of these…

The feeling I came away at the close of ‘Psychology 101’, was that ‘matters’ relating to one’s soul were for religion, and, presumably, the religious…, but not for science, and ‘scientifically minded’ people, which I had, presumably, become…

But that was 50 plus years ago… Enter the ‘new physics’ – the ‘physics’, of this light, in which we are currently basking…

So what ‘light’ can physics now shed on what has traditionally been regarded as “the deepest and most abiding dimension of a person’s being” – one’s soul?

The answer is quite a lot, and, I will begin my answer by outlining what science is now telling us about the ‘matter’ making for matter itself.


The ‘Matter’ of Matter


Matter, in truth“, said Albert Einstein, “does not exist. What we call matter is energy, energy whose vibrations have been sufficiently lowered, as to be perceptible to our senses. There is no matter…”, was Einstein’s conclusion.

This energy – or ‘spirit’, “whose vibrations we perceive…”, we can safely conclude, is light. However in recognizing this light as the matter making for this living energy – energy, we can safely conclude, that is directed towards the ultimate ‘ascension’ (+), as contrasted with the dissolution of the matter of us, and our ‘world’, we have to acknowledge that this light is only a very, very small part – 5%, of the energy at work, in our universe…

The remaining 95% is in dark  energy and dark matter. These, we can safely conclude, are directed towards the ultimate dissolution (-), of the would be matter of us, and our world, in accord with what is known in Physics as the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics. And, about this ‘darkness’, from a scientific perspective, we know very, very little…

Nevertheless, for us – the living – for life – life as we currently know it, light is essential, and, about it, thankfully, over the last 50 years, we have learnt a lot…

Probably the most disturbing of this, is the ‘shocking’ nature of the responsibility that befalls us.

As the conscious being to arise from the matter of this earth – ‘M’, in Einstein’s equation, we, in and through this light – C(2)’, constitute the ‘E’ in the aforesaid equation. We find ourselves at the conscious ‘fulcrum’ making for being – being, in ultimate terms, alive! As I have written, an enormous responsibility befalls us, in relation to the ‘substantiation’ – or ‘salvation’, of the would-be matter, of us, and our ‘world’.


On the ‘Substantiation’ of Matter

to ere, check for overlay with ‘the principles’, next.

‘Matter’ – the would-be matter, of our ‘universe’ is substantiated, made real – a part of (our) reality, or world, as a result of this light, without us – ‘She’ – (in terms of principle and practice), impinging on us, in the form of particles, particles emanating from the would-be matter of this world, or ‘universe’, that is without us.

In ultimate terms, ‘She’ constitutes ‘the Mother’, at work, on this earth.

On making that impingement, they meet the wave of light – ‘He’, again, in principle and practice, that is being emitted by us, from within. In practice, it concerns the ultimate nature of ‘He’ – ‘the Father’, present in the ‘higher’ or Heavenly plane, without us.

On being recognized by us, at the mental or cognitive level, for what, in practice, these things are, ‘the wave(f)’, as it is referred to in quantum mechanics, ‘collapses’, and ‘this’ – the would be matter, of our world, materializes – becomes real, a part of our reality, or ‘universe’.

Until that instance of conscious recognition by us, and we alone are capable of this on earth – ‘this’ – the would-be matter, of this otherwise mass-less universe, remains formless – in a ghost-like region, midway between being and not being.

As the conscious being to arise from the matter of this earth, find ourselves, in and through this light – ‘C(2)’, at what could best be described as the ‘fulcrum of being‘, determining what does, and does not, come to be.

A ‘shocking’ responsibility, as I have already intonated, befalls us- “If you are not shocked by the new physics”, said Niels Bohr, “you have not understood it, yet...”

What the new physics has revealed, for social scientists, in particular, as I have already intonated, are the principle(s) – masculine and feminine, making for life itself.

This is a momentous revelation!

These have far reaching implications for our understanding of what, in ultimate terms, constitutes health and the sense of well-being, at the individual, communal, and indeed, national level.

That was 50 plus years ago…, and the intervening time, thanks to the insights physics – the new physics – the ‘physics’ of light, is providing into the constituents of this light in which we are currently basking, has resulted, for me, in a tremendous fusing of the gap between religion and science – faith and reason.


The Light of Y(our) Soul

The soul could be best

The new ‘physics of light’ has provided unprecedented insights into the building block making for us, and, as it is also indicating – ‘that’ which makes for our world – the ‘universe’, or space, from which we – psychologically, are drawing, as the author or ‘software’, of our being

This ‘thing’ – one’s psyche, we can comfortably conclude, from the perspective of social scientists, in particular, is the complimentary, masculine portion, of this light – the ‘thing’, I was supposed to be studying, all those moons ago…

The psyche, we can now see, provides the software our soul – the hardware of this light, needs, to ‘substantiate’ – make real, or materialize, the would-be matter, of this otherwise mass-less universe.

This takes place in the coming together of the complimenting masculine and feminine facets, of this light – the psyche of man, and the soul of mankind – the wave, and the particle, making for this energizing light.

These things we can comfortably conclude from the ‘mechanics’ accompanying the operation of this light – ‘C(2)’, happens, in and through us – the ‘E’, in Einstein’s equation. This takes place as we consciously engage with this life-giving light, in the substantiation (+), or not (-), of ‘M’ – the would-be matter, of our world.

Interestingly, the Danish physicist Niels Bohr, it would appear, was quicker than most – including Einstein, to see the significance of this branch of physics, for the social sciences. I think it is safe to write that he could see clearer than most, that there was a mental as well as a physical component, to this light. Furthermore, that this mental or cognitive part, what we can now see is one’s psyche, programs the would-be matter of the physical part, our soul.

These ‘realizations’, on Bohr’s part, were in the 20’s and 30’s, however their implications, from a scientific perspective, into our purpose, as the conscious being to arise from the matter of this earth, have yet to come to fruition…

The reason for this, I am sure, will become increasingly apparent, as these ‘papers’ progress…, if not already, for many of you…

We will begin this one – part A, by examining what science is now showing us about the ‘matter’ making for matter itself…


The Principle of Life


Science, through physics, is now  showing us that this energizing light that makes for life, has a complimentary nature making for what we can now see is our psyche, as individuals, and our soul, as a collective.

The invisible, masculine, cognitive component – our psyche, or ‘mind’, provides the software for our soul – the hardware, or body – the visible, feminine component, of this light in which we are currently basking…

The complimenting male/female principles, underpinning our psyche and our soul, are manifest, respectively, in the wave and the particle making for ‘He’ and ‘She’, who, in ultimate terms, are this life-giving light.


THE FEMALE PRINCIPLE: Is characterized by one’s receptivity to this light. It is manifest in our ability to absorb it, as ‘She’ – in principle and practice, impinges on us, from without, as I have already stated, in the form of particles, from the would-be matter of the world or ‘universe’, without us.

The ultimate particle of ‘Her’, in practice, is ‘that’ which makes for our soul – the soul of mankind, which, as I will touch on towards the end of this essay, has, it would appear, been discovered.

This is thanks to the construction of a LHC (Large Hadron Collider), in Europe. to ere …

become manifest, as the body – or hardware, of this transubstantiating light, currently at work, on this earth…

This particle of transubstantiating light, at work, on this earth, has the wherewithal, intention, or spirit, we can comfortably conclude, to manifest itself in our – mankind’s, consciousness, as a collective, being common to us all, irrespective of one’s race, religion or creed – ‘the Mother’, or Soul, of all, as it were…

This, the feminine portion of this light is experiential, or physical, in nature, and makes for the body of creation – a ‘body’, like ours,  limited by the dimension of time – its’ time, ‘in this sun…’

However, for Her to ‘substantiate’ Herself, as we know, ‘She’ needs to be known…, and this is where the masculine component making for our psyche, as individuals, is involved.


THE MALE PRINCIPLE: Is that of a ‘Doner‘, or ‘giver’, of this light, in this equation making for life. It is manifest in our ability to emit, through knowledge – by knowing, this life giving light, from within.

This light – ‘He’, as mentioned earlier, makes for the space, essentially, the mental space, we, psychologically, are drawing on, as ‘the author’, or creator, of our  soul.

It makes for our conscience, or psyche, as an individual, and is peculiar to our understanding of who, in principle, and what, in practice, it is, that makes for this light. It provides the software our soul – the hardware, of this light, needs to manifest it.

One’s psyche, is manifest in the form of a wave – a ‘wave of knowing’, or knowledge, concerning, in essence, ‘She’ – the visible, earthly portions of this light, impinging on us, in the form of particles, from the would-be ‘universe’, without… In short, the portion of this light making for y(our) soul. This masculine portion of the light is cognitive or mental, in nature, a reflection of the fact that thoughts, or thinking, do create molecules – are active, in our ‘universe’…

The ‘Higgs boson’ or ‘God particle’

A trillionth of a second after the ‘Big Bang’, an energy force, we now know, described by scientists as the “Higgs Field”, was turned on. As the universe grew, so did this field named after British physicist, Peter Higgs.

This field began to impact mass – ‘substantiate’, its’ subjects – the would-be matter, of our ‘universe’, making for what we now call space – the space – essentially mental, or cognitive, in its’ nature, that this universe is currently occupying.

This presence, space or field – the wave, making for this light – ‘His Light’, was used to discover what came to be called in scientific – essentially atheistic, circles, as the ‘Higgs boson’.

However for believers – those still able to naturally transcend the limitations of mind and matter, this light is the hand of their God, at work. As such, for these people, this particle is more aptly known as the ‘God particle’.

On the 4th July 2012, using the recently constructed LHC (Large Hadron Collider), in Berne, Switzerland, as I wrote earlier, its’  presence, at work, in our ‘universe’, was confirmed!

It is the presence of this particle of transubstantiating light that is providing mass to this otherwise mass-less universe. It’s presence was being predicted by quantum physicists, such as Peter Higgs, some 50 years earlier!

As to what, in physical reality, makes for this particle of light, I will address in my next paper – ‘B’, which will exam in greater detail, this – the masculine side, of this light, that is our psyche – the psyche, making for man – the males, of our species.

Summary: Response & Responsibility.


Every creature – every living thing, has, at some level, to respond to this energizing light in which we, currently, ‘find ourselves’…

As conscious creatures, we are being called to also know, and, in that knowledge uphold, the matter – the particle, making for this energizing light – the particle, of this light, which we can now see, makes for y(our) soul.

Knowing this light enables us to ‘substantiate’ it – give it – give y(our) soul – the soul, or light, making for mankind, life.




In this brief paper I have given an outline of what, in theory, and now, in practice, we can safely conclude, is the portion of this energizing light, that makes for your soul, and mine.

Our soul is feminine, or material, in nature, and, common to all, irrespective of one’s race, religion or creed…, pointing to the fact that we – mankind, have but one mother, physically manifest in this planet we call earth.

However, this portion of this complimenting light, that makes for our soul – its’ hardware or body, may be common to all, but its’ software – our psyche – the masculine component, manifest in the wave making for the light – the energy, or light, being emitted by us, from within, is not!

This, the cognitive, masculine, or fatherly component – the software, or author, of our soul, is peculiar to each of us. It makes for our conscience, as an individual, and is manifest in one’s psyche – ‘that’ which I was supposed to have been studying when I enrolled in ‘psychology 101′, all those moons ago…

This all important component of our soul – its’ software, or author, I will, of necessity, be examining in greater detail in my next essay which will reveal ‘that’ which, we can comfortably conclude, makes for the very matter of y(our) soul.




1 ‘M’ stands for Mass. It is a collection of the would-be matter of us, and our ‘world’ – the ‘universe’, or ‘space’, from which we, psychologically, are drawing, as ‘the Light’, God, or Truth – ‘the Ultimate Truth’, (to borrow an oft’ used phrase of my meditation teacher), that makes for being – being alive!

2 The anniversary of the Declaration of independence, by the U.S.A., from Great Britain.

3 Quantum Physicists had predicted that a particle of this wave or field, ‘of light’, was aboard, in our universe. Using the LHC – (Large Hadron Collider), in Berne, Switzerland, its’ presence was confirmed!

4 Creation being all, whether see or unseen, of the darkness – [directed towards the dissolution of matter (-), or the light – its’ ascension (+)], that ‘Is’... Christ revealed Himself as ‘the Light’ of that self-same God, by rising to life – by physically re-entering his body – fusing the particle and the wave – the hard and the software – the body and mind, of t(his) living light, in His Glorified Body, 3 days after his crucifixion and death.

5 Because it is only through this ritual that mankind fully accesses, respectively, through faith in ‘He’ and trust in ‘She’, the ‘higher plane’ making for our psyche or conscience, as individuals, and our consciousness, or soul, as a collective – ‘the energy’, making for our essence, as men and as women.

6 Meaning ‘Thanksgiving’. (Gk.)

7 Referred to as ‘the woman clothed with the sun’, in the Book of Revelations. Also known as ‘the Mystical Body, of Christ, on earth’.

8 There are now some 40,000 ‘Protestant Churches’ that have arisen, in protest, against Rome, and many ‘Orthodox Churches’, based on National lines, with their own ‘Popes’, that have arisen well before these… The current Pope, in the Vatican, can be traced back physically to the ‘first Pope’ – Peter – the ‘head’, of the 12 Apostles.

9 “Matter, in truth”, Albert Einstein, reminds us, “does not exist. What we call matter are vibrations which have become sufficiently lowered, as to perceptible to our senses. There is no matter”. What we are dealing with in and through this light, is the interplay between mind (heaven) and matter (earth) – the wave and the particle(s), making for this life-giving light. In Pope Francis’ Encyclical ‘Laudate Si’ we are being called to care for the ‘physics’ of planet Earth

10 In principle, it is ‘HE’ – God, the Father, through our faith, that is emitting this Light. In practice it is ’SHE’ – Our Holy Mother, the Church, through trust – trust, that this God – or Love, has been deposited – absorbed, therein, in the thanksgiving sacramental presence of His  Risen Son!

11 This understanding provides the answer we have sought to the long- standing Buddhist Kone – ‘If a tree falls in the forest and there is no one there to witness it, does it happen’? The New Physics says no! It is as if this world was consciously made for us, for it’s through our conscience, as individuals, and, our consciousness, as a collective, that we anchor ‘the Truth’, making for the matter of us, and our’ ‘world’. In short, through our psyche and soul – the soft and the hardware, of this light, respectively. In this manner we overcome what is known in Quantum Physics as The ‘Uncertainty Principle’.

12 Failure to surrender, psychologically, to something or someone, beyond oneself, brings with it a condition known as ‘malignant narcissism’ – a sickening absorption, with the self! In ‘the Church’, this surrender takes place at Baptism.

13 Meaning ‘Universal’.

14 The ultimate ‘collapse of the wave(f)’, making for Creation, Herself!

15 Named Anne and Joachim.

16 In accord with the ‘Principle of Receptivity’, that underpins the feminine condition.

17 As we, as men, ‘guard our souls’ by not ‘spilling our cup…’, outside of marriage, and women, by not entertaining such advances, outside of marriage.


i It is necessary that the reader has a basic understanding of quantum mechanics – the ‘mechanics’, of light. In particular the process by which the would-be matter of this otherwise mass-less universe, is made real – a part of our reality, or ‘world’. This process is called the ‘collapse of the wave(f)’. This transubstantiation takes place in ‘the Mass’ – the Catholic and Apostolic Mass, and nowhere else.

ii Registered (AHPRA) Psychologist; PSY0001670921. (Non-practicing).

iii A figure of 10 billion is proposed as that ‘CM’ by Peter Russell, in his work – ‘The Global Brain Awakens’.